Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer time 2017...

Summer so far...

Puddle jumping after a rainstorm.
Swimming lessons were cancelled but the puddles were open for business, and we took advantage.

 I planned a surprise birthday party for Matt. We all met at Lion's Field and played a family game of softball. So much fun! It was an incredibly hot and sweaty day but well worth the time out there. We followed up the game with a water balloon fight at the field and lunch at our house. Below is a picture of the ice cream cake I made. I was awfully proud of that thing.

We haven't had much rain at all so far this month but when it did rain we didn't let the puddles go to waste. More puddle jumping...

I found this picture on my phone. hahaha

Maddie asks to go to the pool at all hours of the day. Typically "pool" is the first word out of her mouth when she wakes in the morning. "Night, night, pool?" Our visits to the pool are often followed by popsicles at home. SUMMER FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And SOMETIMES everyone plays together AND gets along. And it is literally pure bliss.
Here the girls took turns wrapping each other up like babies. Haha

Summer has also been filled with swimming lessons, softball games, coach pitch softball games, basketball camps, summer enrichment classes, Matt's basketball, men's and women's golf leagues, dance class, and of course, visits by Taryn to help me out and babysit this wild brood.
I love summer! 

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