Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Update on things around here...

Hey little blog and future are a few things going on around here. Better document it so you can remember! I mean with all these pictures I take on my phone I feel like I need to write down the story that goes along with it. Nothing more fun than looking back on what life was like when.

Matt decided to sign on for another year with the Cedar Valley CourtKings. He's calling it his retirement tour. So far this season the CourtKings are 8-0. Last season they were the league champs. Below is an action shot of Matt receiving his championship ring and a high five for Loo.

Mom and I took the younger three girls to the Easter egg hunt while Matt was with Kate at a soccer game. Maddie semi-patiently waited to collect eggs and then stuffed all their contents into her mouth as fast as humanly possible. Natalie found TWO golden eggs and won a slew of prizes including, pool party passes, two beach towels, a gift certificate to Tootsie's, AND a bike!! She was beyond thrilled. Sadly CJ found only one egg and it contained taffy- her least favorite candy. It was a wide range of emotions from many girls.

A few weeks back we had a cold streak which forced us to begrudgingly dig out winter coats again. We made the best of a chilly situation and jumped in puddles. 

Everybody had themselves a good, messy, dirty time.

But then when you least expect it, the weather takes another turn and we find ourselves in sweatshirts at the park. This picture was taken during Maddie's no-nap phase. Here I made them complete some hard labor in hopes of a joyous, quiet nap time. It worked. :)

We also celebrated this little lady turning TWO! She loved her birthday. How is she 2 already? I know every parent asks themselves this question as each of their kids turn a year older and I'm no exception. The days are long, and the years are short. Since turning two she has started doing some light talking. Her first official word other than mom or dad was banana but it's said more like a minion. Growling voice yelling, "NANA!!"

Homemade malts. I can smell and taste summer!!!

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before but our yard is referred to as the vortex. Nearly every afternoon you can find various children playing in our yard or on our porch. It's mostly good. We typically have nine kids. It's a little overwhelming at times but I think everyone has fun. It does get a little old when kids are peeking in the windows during dinner but at least I know where my kids are playing rather than disappearing into someone else's world. 

Nine and a half more days until school is officially done for the summer. Our June calendar is PACKED! Here's to hours and hours of outdoor play whether in the yard, on the softball field, or in the pool.
I heart you, summer!

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