Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Having fun...

I've been having so much fun lately with Natalie and Maddie. They are both super goofballs who love to dance and pretend. Kate and CJ are lots of fun too, of course, but they aren't here as much as the two littlest girls, so they don't get into as many photos. With the weather warming we've been outside a lot too which makes EVERYBODY much happier! Also, everyone in our house (with the exception of Matt) is growing out their hair which makes for fun hairstyles each morning. NOTE: The hairstyles don't last long which is evidenced in these photos. Ha! I love these girls!

We make tiaras, bracelets, necklaces, and garlands with Natalie's "special beads." I also step on countless "special beads" which doesn't feel too good but they are at least fun to play with. Lots of creativity happens when these beads are pulled out of the closet (or from under the bed, dresser, etc.)

Clothing is optional. Diapers are not.

Nacho, our pet cat, went to the vet overnight to get fixed, get shots, and declawed! Poor thing. The girls were missing her something fierce. The day she was set to return, CJ made Nacho a banner at school and we set up a "kitty buffet" to welcome her home. I sent this picture to Matt and he responded, "Is CJ eating cat food? Why is Maddie naked? And is Natalie drunk?!" I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. This is our crazy house day in day out.

Barbies, barbies everywhere, everyday! Natalie loves Barbies!

I cleaned up so we could actually play with the Barbies. Natalie promptly left. Apparently it is more fun to play with Barbies strewn everywhere. Oh, kids.

And here is a random photo from January when we went to one of the local bouncy house places with our neighbor friends. We've gone bouncing quite a bit this winter. The kids burn off SO much energy!

What fun days...most of the time. I'm looking forward to summer with excitement and mild anxiety. It will be busy and exhausting, and hopefully, filled with lots of laughs!

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