Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Countdown 2016...

A few weeks back we made our annual visit to a Christmas tree farm to chop down our tree. It is always a serious debate on which tree is best and this year we picked a doozie! She is tall and gorgeous; Amazonian-like except that you wouldn't find our Christmas tree in the rain forest. Only 12 more days until Christmas and it feels more like deep, dark January out there with 3 degrees and frozen, solid snow on the ground. Today we watch Scooby Doo instead of playing outside and I will warm my hands with a mug of coffee and frothy milk. I started my baking today. I've got Kringla and cinnamon roll dough waiting for me. Maddie sat in her high chair for an HOUR eating cereal while I mixed and spilled and cleaned. That right there is a Christmas miracle. And now I type with Nacho on my lap and Scooby Doo on TV. These ramblings may seem unnecessary now but I find it fun to look back on what life was like. Sometimes the days spent with only two girls instead of four seem like a far-off dream. I thought things were challenging then. Now I laugh in the face of my former self. I'm working hard to be intentional about everything around here. If I don't keep these sweet, little tornadoes on the right path then I loose my head, and frankly they loose their's. These are days I will never get back and I don't want to waste them being angry with everyone. Cheers to simple days. Cheers to little faces and fingers. Cheers to nap time. Cheers to Christmas lights and cozy blankets. 

I'm thankful for this wild and crazy life. 

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